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Canada Lee and Rena Mitchell in character

Canada Lee as Bigger Thomas; Rena Mitchell as Clara Mears, Bigger's "sweetheart."

Short Bio and Portrait of Canada Lee

The collector's playbill for Native Son included extensive biographies (i.e. about a page each) and portraits of each significant character in the play (i.e. Bigger Thomas, Mary Dalton etc). Canada Lee's biography and portrait was first in the playbill.

Hughes in Carmel c. 1933

Langston Hughes poses for a portrait on the back steps of his place of residence in Carmel.

Langston Hughes in Carmel c. 1933

A photo of Hughes taken in 1933 on the beach in Carmel.

Autographed photo of Sidney Poitier

Autographed photograph of Sidney Poitier with the words "May the wind be at your back in all your undertakings. Best wishes always, Sidney Poitier" signed at the top left