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Published photograph of Harry Belafonte with fiancee (later, second wife) Julie Robinson at an event celebrating the completion of film "Carmen Jones." The photograph and caption are telling alongside some media portrayals of Belafonte with first wife Marguerite.


Published photograph of Harry Belafonte with first wife Marguerite and daughters Shari and Adrienne. The domesticity of the scene appears in contrast to some media portrayals of Belafonte with his second wife Julie.

Giant strides

Giant strides.jpg
A 1950s article entitled "Giant Strides of U.S. Negro." The accompanying photograph speaks to the mutability of Harry Belafonte's race identity in the public eye.

Photo version 2

Photo version 2.jpg
Another use of a photograph used as accompanying graphic for a teaser add published in the New York Post. A comparison between the two suggests the degree to which Belafonte's celebrity status required a larger-than-life media portrayal.

Post teaser

Post teaser.jpg
A teaser add published in the New York Post. Its text and graphic suggest the degree to which Harry Belafonte's rise to fame was regarded as anomalous.

Almanac Picture Book (front)

Almanac Picture Book (front).jpg
The front cover of a "picture book," with release timed to Harry Belafonte's performance in Almanac. The look of the photograph is evocative of Belafonte's Calypso persona.

Almanac still

Almanac still.jpg
A studio portrait taken to document Harry Belafonte's performance in Almanac, for which he won a Tony. Belafonte hoped to have a career in theater and film.

Hughes note

Hughes note.jpg
Congratulatory note from Langston Hughes to Harry Belafonte, following his Tony award–winning performance in Almanac. Belafonte grew up observing the curious accessibility of celebrities like Hughes in the Harlem community.

Canada Lee and Rena Mitchell in character

Canada Lee as Bigger Thomas; Rena Mitchell as Clara Mears, Bigger's "sweetheart."