Black Acts

Creativity and Celebrity in Twentieth-Century Theater

Created by the students of “African American Theater” in the spring of 2013, this web exhibition was borne of a desire to explore different modes of writing, to make use of the amazing resources in black theater held by the Beinecke Library at Yale University, and to share those resources as a work of public scholarship. more . . .

Featured Items


"The Amen Corner" 1965 Groundplan ...more

"The Amen Corner" Script

Director's Copy of "The Amen Corner" 1965 Script ...more

Zurich Program

Zurich program for the 1965 "Amen Corner" Tour ...more

Photo version 2

Another use of a photograph used as accompanying graphic for a teaser add published in the New York Post. A comparison between the two suggests the degree to which Belafonte's celebrity… ...more

Chronological Summary of San Joaquin Valley Cotton Pickers Strike

Langston Hughes and Ella Winter compiled a chronology of the 1933 cotton pickers strike in the San Joaquin Valley, using article clippings from newspapers. ...more

Portrait of Ethel Waters, Africana

This portrait taken from Carl Van Vechten's collection tells us a lot when seen as a marketing tool for the all black revue of Africana. Rather than picturing a scene from the show or any… ...more

Recent Items

Dust Tracks on a Road typed draft sample

Typed draft with author emendations ...more

Baldwin Portrait

One of Carl Van Vechten's Portraits of James Baldwin ...more

Vienna Notice

Advance copy of a Vienna notice of the 1965 touring production of "The Amen Corner" ...more

Hamburg Program

Hamburg program for the 1965 touring production of "The Amen Corner" ...more